Jamaica: ‘SELLOUT!’

Insisting that the Government was on a bad legal footing and accusing the Holness administration of “selling out” the country as it sought to have China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) build the Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project, Opposition Leader Mark Golding said the order should be withdrawn.

The opposition leader argued that for the order to have been valid, the Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project should have been approved by Cabinet and Parliament as a national development project.

Golding said he made checks and no such approval was given by Parliament.

“The order itself, which is a signed order seeking to be affirmatively approved by this House and the Senate, doesn’t provide in it any approval of the project as a national development project,” the opposition leader argued.

Golding contended that the role of the order instead is to exempt the project from the provisions of the Public Procurement Act. The order also seeks to tie CHEC to wage rates agreed by the Joint Industrial Council and impose minimum labour quotas of 90 per cent and 50 per cent for unskilled and technical local workers, respectively.


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