Jamaica: Full Text | INDECOM conducting in-depth probe into Trafalgar Road fatal shooting

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says it is undertaking a probe into the circumstances that led to the shooting deaths of two men by the police along Trafalgar Road in St Andrew on Monday.

According to INDECOM, there has been some speculation, confusion and inaccuracy in the initial reports broadcasted, which require clarity.

Among other things, there is concern as to how one of the men met his demise and the oversight body says a post mortem will be conducted to determine the nature and cause of their deaths.

Further, INDECOM says it will examine multiple video recordings from social media, private locations, and Jamaica Eye to ascertain the chronology of the events.

It says that a scene examination revealed that at least four vehicles were struck with bullets. 

In addition to the suspect vehicle, a police car and two civilian vehicles were hit.

The suspect vehicle received at least 42 bullet strikes, INDECOM revealed.

Over 70 nine millimetre casings were recovered from the scene.

​The concerned officers have provided an initial account and will be interviewed by INDECOM in the coming days.


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