Suriname: Stichting A Marron Kompas wants a sustainable solution to the land rights issue

The A Marron Kompas Foundation wants the land rights issue to be resolved in a sustainable manner. She is concerned about the troubles at the Ministry of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB). Information is shared via social media that the chairman of the foundation, Leo Brunswijk, has applied for concessions in tribal and indigenous areas.

Furthermore, GBB minister Diana Pokie is said to have issued concessions of thousands of hectares to Chinese entrepreneur (s) in tribal and indigenous areas, including the very important and sacred Jaikreek area for the Saramaccaners and Aucaners. These two issues were discussed in yesterday’s emergency meeting.

Foundation chairman Brunswijk has informed the board that the information circulating via social media is not based on the truth. It has been agreed with him that if the information is based on the truth, he will have to resign immediately. Furthermore, the board takes the position that if it turns out that Minister Pokie has actually issued the concessions, the government should immediately dismiss her dishonorably and immediately withdraw the concessions.


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