Suriname: OM demands four years in prison against Hausil in CBvS case

In the case of the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS), the Public Prosecution Service has demanded four years against Faranaaz Hausil, former director of Legal, Compliance and International Affairs at the CBvS, minus the time in custody. A fine of SRD 100,000 has also been demanded in the alternative for ten months in custody and her detention.

Public prosecutor (ovj), Cynthia Klein, held a 36-page requisitoir and stated that because of proven facts, the prosecution cannot suffice with a lighter sanction. The punishment demanded involves unconditional deprivation of liberty of considerable duration. The prosecution also said that Hausil had an essential role in the whole.

Counsel Murwin Dubois indicates to journalists that the prosecution has explained on the basis of which she is of the opinion that the sentence can be taken over by the subdistrict court. Dubois does not want to value the four years demanded because he still believes his client is innocent. It will soon be his turn to prove his client’s innocence.


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