Jamaica: Dry spell impacting water to several St Thomas, St Andrew communities

The National Water Commission (NWC) is reporting that several of its facilities in St Thomas and rural St Andrew are being impacted by dry conditions which it says is affecting water supply to customers.

The NWC says the systems are operating below 20% of their production output as a result of declining surface water inflows caused by the present dry spell.  

The commission says this has severely impacted its ability to distribute piped water to a number of customers who are either experiencing intermittent supply, reduced pressures, or no water.

Impacted areas are:

In St Thomas – Airy Castle, Grossett, Spring Top, Nickle Hill, Bath, Mt. Mansfield, Ginger Hall, Davis Mountain, Font Hill, Industry Hill, Beckford Town, Johns Town, Spring Garden, Middleton, Stony Gut, Stanton, Ward River, Needham Pen and environs, Somerset, Danvers Pen, Trinityville, Coley, Anglican Lane, Easington, Norris, Red Hills, Raywood, Windsor Castle, Logwood, Mount Pelier Housing Scheme, Newland, Pamphret, Pondside, Lowden Hill , Mount Stewart, Curry Hill, Wilmington, and Brooksland. 


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