Dominican Republic: Price speculation is unleashed

The Dominican Federation of Traders (FDC) assured that the rise in the prices of some products in the country has been unjustified since they reflect much more than what would be stipulated by the increase in commodities.

The president of the FDC, Iván García, highlighted that the proportion of this increase is much higher than how the products are currently being offered, adding that the rise has been registered more in industrialized products, such as oil.

“It is not possible that in one year, oil has gone up eight times. Many companies have sacrificed ourselves in order not to pass on to the consumer the price increases that the industrial sectors are realizing and when the imports come from China we are not reflecting the increase of the cost of the freights because this is temporary and between August and September, it will return to its normality”, expressed Garcia while speaking to Listín Diario.

The traders’ representative indicated that the trade must take into account that there is the perception that everything that goes up does not go down in the Dominican population.


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