NYC: Dramatic bodycam footage shows hero cop rescuing little girl after Times Square shooting

Dramatic bodycam footage shows the moment hero NYPD cop Alyssa Vogel rescues the 4-year-old girl wounded in the Times Square shooting and dashes her through a crowd to a nearby ambulance.

The footage, released by the NYPD Monday, shows Vogel running to the scene where a bloodied Skye Martinez is being treated by other cops — along with at least one of the other two victims of the horrific Saturday shooting at the Crossroads of the World.

The officer, a mom of a 6-month-old boy, instinctively grabs Skye, then sprints frantically down Broadway clutching the injured youngster and getting her to the ambulance.

The girl was taken to Bellevue Hospital with non-life threatening injuries to her leg.

Vogel told The Post Sunday that Skye was “the strongest little girl I’ve ever seen.”

The cop also recalled comforting Skye’s mom in the moment.

“I kept telling her to breathe and that her daughter was going to be OK,” Vogel said. “I kept trying to calm her down because she was obviously very scared.”


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