Jamaica: Months after breakaway, Gordon Town residents plagued by high costs

Almost six months after a major breakaway along the Gordon Town main road in St Andrew disrupted the traffic flow to a swathe of communities, residents continue to pay a high price from the ongoing inconvenience as repair works continue.

The alternative route via the rehabilitated Savage Pen road is a steep and winding thoroughfare option considered too dangerous for some to traverse. But the other choice, a three-hour grind through Silver Gap, is more than four times longer than the traditional path blocked by the breakaway.

For Michele Swearing, who runs a well-stocked mini mart at Top Road, the challenges presented have seen some delivery trucks discontinue service to the area, with a cost increase by the companies that still serve the rural communities.

“The road has affected us badly in that we have to travel longer distances, so it is much more costly, and even some of the delivery vehicles stop coming because they cannot manage the Savage Pen road,” she told The Gleaner on Saturday, days after a truck had overturned.

This has meant making more trips, using vehicles with smaller carrying capacity to get deliver the same of amount of goods, resulting in more trips and, ultimately, higher costs.


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