UK: British-born actor claims he is likely to be deported to Jamaica

Ace Ruele Aristotles, a popular United Kingdom (UK)-based actor, is claiming that he is facing the likelihood of being deported to Jamaica.

The 33-year-old was born in London, England to a Jamaican mother who did not have UK citizenship at the time of her son’s birth.

Aristotles was subsequently given “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK, according to an article in the British-based The Independent newspaper on” Thursday.

However, the actor, in an interview with the newspaper, said his indefinite leave to remain has since been downgraded to temporary, meaning it “had to be renewed every 30 months, costing £2,389 each time”.

In subsequent years, Aristotles claimed he received a letter from the UK Home Office “urging him to return to Jamaica”. The letter also informed the actor that he had “no right” to be in Britain, and he was reportedly threatened with detention.


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