Suriname: Rosebel employees are allowed to return home during their rest period; protest lifted

Workers from Rosebel Goldmines (RGM) are now allowed to return home during their rest period. The management of RGM had forbidden the employees to go home during their rest period. The reason for this decision was the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and the stricter measures taken by the government. The residents of the surrounding villages protested against this decision for days. The protest of the workers and villagers has already ended.

The management informed the employees that the decision was also to guarantee the health and safety of the RGM employees. Management continues to continuously evaluate the COVID-19 crisis in Suriname and on site. Based on the developments of the past few days and in order to assess and answer the request of the employees from the surrounding villages, the RGM management has re-evaluated the current COVID-19 preventive measures.

According to the management, an investigation into information from the workers has shown that no outbreak has taken place on site and also not in the community from which the workers come. Based on this, the management has decided to allow the daily travel of employees from the surrounding villages to and from the site again. The Community COVID-19 Field Squad (CCFS) will continue to monitor compliance with the measures.

Employees who remain on site during their work schedule will only be allowed to leave the mine site for very urgent situations. However, mandatory antigen testing will be performed upon return. RGM management has responded to the villagers’ request to improve their living conditions while ensuring that the health and safety of everyone working at RGM is respected.


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