How to track China’s Long March 5B rocket live as it crashes somewhere on planet Earth

If you see anything unusual in the sky overhead this weekend, don’t stop to report a UFO to the Pentagon. Just run.

A piece of China’s Long March 5B rocket—which was launched into space last month—is expected to reenter Earth’s atmosphere sometime late Saturday or Sunday. The window for reentry is unusually wide, and experts aren’t exactly sure when or where the event will take place. Chances of debris coming in contact with a populated area are very, very, very slim, but they’re not being ruled out entirely. The rocket is what’s known in technical circles as uncontrolled.

China has downplayed any risk, likely because an uncontrolled rocket does not reflect positively on its broader ambitions in the cosmos. According to NBC News, the country’s foreign ministry said the rocket would burn up on reentry, as is “common international practice.”


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