Trinidad & Tobago: Education Ministry offers SEA deferrals for 2021

PRINCIPALS are being asked to collect names of students who wish to defer their sitting of the June 10 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination.

In an e-mail sent from the Chief Education Officer to school supervisors and primary school principals, the Education Ministry is soliciting views on accepting deferral requests.

The e-mail, dated on Wednesday, said the Ministry decided to offer deferrals on sitting the exam as it is “cognizant of the challenges experienced by students in preparing to sit the SEA 2021.”

The e-mail said deferral requests would not get automatic approval. Children who will turn 15 on or before September 1 will not be allowed. It added that following consultations with key educational stakeholders, the Ministry decided to offer the choice of deferrals.

“Parents must submit a written request to the principal of the school stating the reason for the request for deferral. Where medical reasons are cited, relevant supporting documents must accompany the written request for deferral” the e-mails stipulated.


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