Suriname: Bond ROS submits a package of wishes to vp Brunswijk

Yesterday, the General Staff Association of the Ministry of Regional Development and Sport (ABPROS) presented its wish list to Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk. One of the matters that the union has quickly drawn attention to is the wage series of administrative officials. As of 2018, there have been no promotions, due to the fact that these can only take place after completion of specific training courses. However, these have not been offered by the government as of 2018, reports the Directorate of People’s Communication.

Attention was also drawn to the uniform of administrative officials who currently do not meet the requirements set. The union also indicated that more than 1,500 civil servants are employed by ROS, some of which were hired just before the elections. These officials do work, but have not received a salary for ten months.

Agreements have been made with the VP for this group of civil servants. They must stay at home for the time being and register every Friday to sign up. The Ministry of the Interior is still conducting an extensive investigation.

The investigation takes longer, because it concerns complex cases. Indeed, many stations have to be investigated on a case-by-case basis. The VP thanked the union for its confidence and told representatives that he would discuss these issues with the government summit next Monday. “If people are hired correctly, are in labor and there is no dereliction of duty, they will have to be paid,” said the VP.


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