Jamaica: ‘SWEET’ SESSIONS: Parties being held in cane fields – senior cop

Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of St Elizabeth, Narda Simms, is reporting an overall 85 per cent level of compliance from the general public with respect to the Disaster Risk Management Act, despite some desperate measures here and there, to breach the law.

The Act is the Government’s primary legislative tool to manage and mitigate the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and it has been in force since March 2020.

Speaking with JIS News, Simms said St Elizabeth has been largely co-operative of the enforcement measures under the Act, adding that special commendations should be made to members of the business community.

“In terms of businesses, I must applaud the commercial or business community. They have been more than co-operative and accommodating to all that we have been asking in terms of the Disaster Risk Management Act,” said Simms.

She noted that although the general level of compliance has been high, there are some persons who continue to breach the Act by staging parties and other functions in some unorthodox locations, such as cane fields.

 “They park their cars all about and walk into cane fields. So, we have been having a few occasions of that in recent times, (and) that is in contradiction to the Act,” she added.

Simms explained that the St Elizabeth police have been readjusting their strategies to catch such persons who are in breach of the Act, and bring them to justice.


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