This clever iPhone wallpaper ensures your battery will never die again

You’re out running errands and reach for your phone to text a friend. What exactly did they want you to pick up? Only one problem: You didn’t notice the low battery icon. And just like that, your phone is dead.

London-based designer Ben Vessey has made a collection of iPhone wallpapers that could save you from going off the grid. They change when your battery gets low in order to give you a big visual cue that it’s time for a charge.

It’s a smart fix, especially since Apple’s battery icon is so tiny. But you can’t miss these wallpapers, which change your entire phone background. The six designs, available on his website for about $5.50, come in two different packs. One is a riff on the classic Happy Mac and similarly inspired Apple Face ID, which starts out with a smile on a black background surrounded by green rings, and turns to a big frowny face surrounded by red rings when you hit low battery. The red shifts to yellow lightning bolts when you’ve found a charging outlet and the phone is getting some juice.


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