Suriname: Residents of Brokopondo ask for mediation from the Rosebel in question

For several days the tension between residents of Brokopondo who work at Rosebel Goldmines and their employer has grown. To find a solution, a delegation from the group yesterday handed over a petition to Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk. According to Urreriek Finkie, who handed over the petition on behalf of the employees, the multinational has not fulfilled the agreements as described in the work contract.

For example, villagers working at the company were reported a week and a half ago that they have to sleep on the premises of the company for a period of two weeks. This means that female employees have to leave underage children without a proper babysitter during this period, with all the consequences that entails.

They also indicated that the road to Nieuw Koffiekamp is in a deplorable condition. The road was barricaded from April 28 to April 30. Some of the residents’ requirements are that:
– The road to New Coffee Camp be rehabilitated.
– The work contract is adhered to by the company.
– The employees are not fired for no apparent reason.
– Aftercare for family members of the villager who was shot in 2019, as promised.
– The company invests in sustainable projects for the district.


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