Suriname: Public Green must be the face of the government

Public Green has to transform itself into a directorate with a very strong service to society. The directorate, which has undergone a name change with the addition of Waste Management, faces many challenges. For example, Suriname must move towards a green economy, which must be achieved with waste management. President Chan Santokhi said this yesterday on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this department of the Ministry of Public Works.

It will also have to have interministerial cooperation with other ministries, because other ministries also have partial responsibility for maintenance. The challenges also lie in serving society. More energy must be put into this. The government will invest in the directorate and this investment also includes the start-up of a modern waste treatment facility in the Wanica district.

The head of state sees a directorate where staff are well motivated and resources and equipment will be gradually improved. This in such a way that Public Green will be the face of the government on the street. “Close to the population to serve society through its activities,” said President Santokhi.

Although the directorate is relatively young at 40 years old, according to the head of state it has a turbulent history. Public Green began as the Environmental Management Directorate. It is positioned under various ministries and, in addition to the name change, has also undergone changes in organizational structure and responsibilities.


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