Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage teaches your kid to code

No company has left a bigger mark on the way video games are made than Nintendo. Now, Nintendo has a plan to teach the next generation of game makers.

Game Builder Garage is Nintendo’s first game that promises to teach some of the earliest fundamentals in coding. By going through seven foolproof lessons, Game Builder Garage teaches you how to program seven different games including a side scrolling platformer (think Mario), a space shooter, and a kart racer. Game Builder Garage turns complicated coding concepts into cute characters, and a simple connect-the-dots UI. Nintendo imagines the game for middle schoolers, but from what I see, a sharp grade schooler might be able to handle it, too.

Coding toys and games are a dime a dozen, from robot and hardware kits like Sphero and Kano to countless connected apps and even board games. But there is little evidence that these games do much to teach coding.


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