Jamaica: Chapelton crash orphans boy

A three-vehicle crash on the Chapelton main road in Clarendon has left a little boy an orphan.

His father, Hector Mowen, a taxi operator who plies the May Pen to Chapelton route, was flung from his vehicle into a culvert on Tuesday afternoon and succumbed to his injuries moments later.

In an interview with The Gleaner, a fellow operator who didn’t want to be named said he saw the accident unfold as he was behind Mowen.

“We go down there, tie whatever we have to tie round him and take him up. He was still alive, but he died shortly after,” he told The Gleaner.

A friend of Mowen’s who gave her name as Diane was seen comforting Mowen’s mother, Lorna Ellis, as she wept uncontrollably at the scene.

Diane said that Mowen’s babymother died about two years ago and his mother was helping to raise his son.


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