Why you might not be seeing iOS 14.5’s new privacy pop-ups

If you recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14.5, you might be expecting a deluge of requests to track you from apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

In iOS 14.5, all apps must ask for permission before they can monitor you. Unless you approve, they can’t show targeted ads based on what you do in other companies’ apps, send your location or email address to data brokers, or otherwise share data in a way that follows you across apps and services. This feature, called App Tracking Transparency, is a big deal, one that Facebook’s been complaining about for months due to the potential impact on its targeted-ad business.

But depending on how your iPhone is set up, you may not see any tracking requests at all; instead, your phone may be silently blocking all requests in the background. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it might be confusing given all the hype and controversy around iOS’s new privacy pop-ups.


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