Suriname: Traditional authority Brokopondo: “Rosebel Goldmines does nothing in return for the district”

The traditional authority of Brokopondo and the surrounding villages, which now supports the protest of the Rosebel Goldmines workers and the villagers, is unhappy with the attitude of the company’s management. “A feti disi a no unu wan e feti. Wi lek ‘hijack nanga basya fu Brokopondo e support disi ooktu after action, ”notes the captain of Nieuw Lombe, Hendry Kaffe, in conversation with Suriname Herald.

He indicates that the management and management of Rosebel Goldmines have disavowed traditional authority. The multinational is no bright spot for the Brokopondo district, the captain thinks. It is a peaceful action conducted by the villagers and workers and they must be heard, Captain Kaffe says.

The reason they could not be present during the krutu, which was organized urgently, is for security reasons. Rosebel Goldmines works in the midst of these villages and it concerns their own workers, why should they not feel safe, the dignitary wonders. “We don’t want the situation of the Para district, what Suralco and Billiton left behind. The multinational must adhere to the agreements made. ”


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