Suriname: Pupils without a smartphone or laptop receive specially printed material

Pupils who do not have a smartphone or laptop will receive school materials from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC). They will be provided with special material printed by the MinOWC. Minister Marie Levens has confirmed this to Suriname Herald.

She indicates that the students from the interior and the distant districts will also be provided with this material. The students who live in Paramaribo and do not have access to this will also receive this material.

“We will continue to work for these students. We therefore work with specially printed material. Over the past week, extra boats have already been deployed inland to bring the material that is being printed and printed to the children in the Lawa and Tapanahony area, ”says Minister Levens.

VHP assembly member Reshma Mangre, also chairman of the Bond van Leraren (BvL) and the Alliance for Teachers in Suriname (ALS), which advocates for equal opportunities in education, thinks it is good that methods have now been developed for the students and that also the children of the interior can make use of this.


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