NYC: Black NYC Starbucks barista sues over arrest after filming cops while white bystanders were just asked to leave

A Black Starbucks barista is suing the city because she was arrested for filming cops handcuffing a Black man, while NYPD officers simply warned white people taking video to go home, the Daily News has learned.

To make matters worse, Jessica Kiyee claims in her lawsuit, that a high-ranking deputy inspector, Robert O’Hare, yelled “You’re stupid!” at her as she stood on the street in handcuffs.

The arrests of Kiyee and her cousin, Kiyee Kye, on June 2, 2020, during the rowdiest days of racial justice protests after the death of George Floyd, are the subject of a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit filed on Monday. The cousins allege that they faced retaliation for exercising their First Amendment right to film the cops, false arrest and other claims.

Kiyee had just finished a shift at Starbucks and was being escorted home by her cousin when a young Black man ran past them with cops in pursuit, the suit states.


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