Jamaica: Come for your money… Gov’t appeals to CARE grant recipients

The Government is renewing its appeal for recipients of the CARE programme who have not collected their payments to come forward.

As part of efforts to locate persons, the Ministry of Finance had indicated that the names of persons with uncollected sums would be published.

But, in a statement today the Ministry said it has decided against the move.

Approximately $300 million of CARE money are uncollected.

The uncollected funds relate to SET Cash Grant, General Grant, and Compassionate Grant. 

Included in the uncollected grants are grants disbursed to remittance agencies at the request of the applicants.

These beneficiaries are asked to note that regardless of which remittance agency they selected, the uncollected grant can, at this time, only be collected from Lasco MoneyGram agencies.   

Also, some of the uncollected grants are from applicants who selected ‘deposit to a bank account.’


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