Jamaica: Former commish says local bureaucracy creating major corruption issues

Former Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, has asserted that Jamaica’s “onerous” bureaucratic system is facilitating corruption, resulting in a major issue for the country.

Speaking at a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Ocho Rios, Lewin said the intense bureaucracy provides a window for individuals to engage in corruption.

“Corruption is a major issue, but let’s not stop there… Look we all know the type of things that happen. Who corrupts the police? Who corrupts the customs officer? Who corrupts whosoever?” quizzed Lewin.

“But then again, why do people feel the need to corrupt? It’s because you have set up a system that’s so onerous, that is so difficult (that) it lends itself to corruption, and it’s a problem that feeds on itself,” he opined.

While not elaborating on instances of corruption within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), where he once served as the top cop, Lewin said there were instances where the police were working against each other.


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