Suriname: First lady donates masks to KPS

The Suriname Police Corps (KPS) has received 5000 mouth masks and 1000 hand sanitizers from first lady Mellisa Santokhi. “Given the rising COVID cases in recent weeks and also because the first lady sees the hard work being done by the KPS in this COVID situation, she has believed in making this donation,” said Gene Sampono, who, on behalf of the first lady, gesture.

Chief Inspector Eshita Hunte, who is also head of the secretariat of the COVID-19 Coordination Team, received the donation on behalf of the KPS. According to the first lady, the KPS must remain protected. She always has the hard workers in the force in mind and thanks them for their efforts.

Chief Inspector Hunte welcomed the gesture and thanked the first lady on behalf of the KPS. “I am pleased that there is recognition for the hard work that KPS does, sometimes under even more difficult circumstances. It’s not always easy, but we stay motivated and we keep going. ”


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