Play this simple game to build a better post-quarantine life

Around the start of the new year, I was quarantining with my wife and 2-year-old son at the home of my in-laws. In an attempt to break the monotony of pandemic life, we had made the trek from our home in Los Angeles to Coon Rapids, Minn. for some quality time with my son’s Gaga and G-Pa. All in all, it was a pretty ordinary night. Our son had his pre-bedtime meltdown, exemplifying the full glory of the terrible twos in an attempt to avoid putting on his pajamas before passing out, and I then sat down with my wife and in-laws for our nightly game of 500 (a wonderfully addictive card game if you have yet to play it). As I waited for the cards to be dealt, my father-in-law paused to check his lotto numbers. This was a fairly common practice during our two-month stint, but that evening a question was posed that would transform our night (and our outlook) in a way that is still having ripples in our lives as I write this piece. An opportunity to reinstill some of the hope and optimism that the past year has sucked from so many homes around the world. A question that most of us have likely contemplated at one point or another in our lives: if you won the lottery, what would you do with all that money? 


 Suddenly, the room seemed to invigorate with the possibilities that lie before us. To sustain the positive momentum, I suggested we take the question a step further and implement three simple ground rules creating a game with the potential to shape the next few years, if not the rest, of our lives.


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