Leaders, managing your own stress is how everyone stays productive

As leaders, managing stress can be a challenge. We’re often overwhelmed with work, constantly multitasking, all while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

So, learning how to manage this stress is one of the most powerful things we can achieve as leaders. Not only does it improve our overall mental well-being, but it improves productivity and instills a confidence that we can do our job effectively to our peers.

Many of us experience high levels of stress relatively frequently. In fact, studies have shown that our society is experiencing more and more stress as time goes by. This is often referred to as a “stress epidemic.” It’s a huge problem, especially when it comes to using power well.

When we’re feeling stressed, we have increased cortisol levels in our body. This leads us to see ordinary things as a threat, so we’re constantly on high alert. When this happens, we don’t use our power as effectively as we would otherwise. In fact, we tend to start to feel powerless. Stress makes us feel weak, and we start to lose our judgment.


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