Suriname: National Wages Council must set a new minimum wage

The National Wages Council will support the government with advice and investigations that should lead to a stabilization of wages. This body was installed yesterday by President Chan Santokhi and is headed by Wonnie Boedhoe. The National Wage Council must also present advice to the Minister of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs (AW and J), Rishma Kuldipsingh, on establishing a new general minimum wage and / or a new minimum wage per sector or occupational group.

Furthermore, this body has been assigned as tasks the thorough consultation of the technical stakeholders, the calculation method of the minimum wage, the composition of the basic food package or other indicators. Carrying out wage surveys, evaluating the functioning of the Minimum Wage Act and its social impact are also among the tasks.

President Santokhi has indicated that the installation of the National Payroll Council is an important moment for society as a whole. The head of state has further said that the installation of this body is the first step of the ‘Recovery phase’, which should keep the financial crisis in Suriname under control and stabilize.

In addition to Boedhoe, the Pay Council consists of Tirlotma Marhe-Kewal (secretary) and the members Malty Dwarkasingh (Association of Surinamese Businesses), Shoblinadebie Chotkan-Somai (AW and J), Lilian Menke-Tangali (Stg. Planning Bureau), Vanessa D’costa-Chehin (Trade union movement), Mohamed Ali (trade union movement).


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