5 tips for showing emotional intelligence during a video interview

Here’s an important thing to remember when you’re on the job hunt: Getting offered an interview means you likely already have the necessary qualifications for the job. The interview is meant to determine if you will fit in with the organization. And that’s where soft skills can help you stand out.

While technical skills are important when it comes to finding a job, it’s now widely accepted that soft skills, such as emotional intelligence are equally (if not more) important. A recent survey of 2600 hiring managers and HR professionals found that 71% valued emotional intelligence over IQ. And when it comes to promotion of employees, the same preference of EQ above IQ also holds true.

But how do you communicate those skills in a brief interview—especially now that so many are taking place virtually? Forming an emotional connection with the interviewer(s) is more important than ever. While this is more difficult on screen than in-person, there are tools we can use to give ourselves the best opportunity for success. Here are five ways to show emotional intelligence in a video interview:



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