Trinidad & Tobago: Alexander to lead SORT: ‘This is not a hit squad’

Assistant Superintendent of Police Roger Alexander has been named the new head of the Special Operations Response Team.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith in making the announcement at the TTPS’ media briefing on Wednesday said he has dozens of good commanders chosen based their leadership skill, and now SORT is going to be ‘bigger, stronger and more effective’.

“We need to ensure that we put someone who had the capability. It has nothing to do with the individual based on his popularity. SORT is not a show that is made for television or the media. It is a unit that has proven to be effective. It was a unit that was missing in the Police Service. It needed that ‘oomph’ to peg back criminal elements. Who knows, maybe those eight homicides that took place on the weekend was because certain individuals figured that SORT was on a ‘down and out’. Well now we are going to be bigger, stronger and more effective. “

The previous SORT head Mark Hernandez has been charged for misbehaviour in public office by encouraging the unlawful assault by beating of David Ottley Jr, thereby occasioning him to sustain actual bodily harm contrary to common law. The charge stems from the deaths of Joel Belcon and Andrew Morris who died in police custody during the investigation of Andrea Bharatt’s murder. The accused was arrested by officers of the Professional Standards Bureau, Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Region 2 and Northern Division Criminal Investigations Unit, on April 14. Hernandez was charged by acting Cpl Marcano of the Maloney Police Station.


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