Suriname: Opposition wants clarity regarding suspected human trafficking and human smuggling charter flights

The issue of charter flights to Haiti and the region is believed to involve human trafficking and smuggling. In addition, it is also unclear to the faction members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (BEP) whether the procedures that apply to the implementation of these charter flights have been observed by the various agencies and ministries involved.

The NDP and BEP faction have therefore written a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, Marinus Bee, asking for a meeting to be called to discuss the issue of charter flights to Haiti and the region. The NDP and the BEP faction indicate with great surprise that they have learned of the many charter flights that have been performed to Port Au Prince, Haiti, despite the airspace being declared closed by the government.

The political groups point out that Suriname is in a third COVID wave. Permission is granted only to returnees and essential groups, but in view of the charter flights operated from Haiti, they are by no means among the target groups mentioned.

Following the charter flights and the remarkable influx of this group to French Guiana, the French ambassador Antoine Joly has sounded the alarm. In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS), Albert Ramdin, has announced that flights to Haiti have been stagnated until May 15, although this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism (TCT) in accordance with the Task Description Departments Decree. The group members do wonder on the basis of which consideration was chosen for this date and what will happen next.


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