Microsoft debuts five new fonts in a death match to rule Office

A staggering number of people around the globe use Microsoft Office, representing $143 billion in revenue for Microsoft a year. The vast majority of users never click the font menu to change the style to one of its 700+ options. So that means a significant percentage of the human population spends its days living in Calibri, the default font of Office since 2007.

Today, Microsoft is moving on. The company commissioned five new fonts, from five different typeface designers, to replace Calibri. They are available to use in Office now. And by the end of 2022, Microsoft will select one of them to become the new default option.

“We can try them out, have people look at them, use them, give us feedback as to which direction to move forward with,” says Si Daniels, principal program manager for Microsoft Office Design. “We don’t feel Calibri has an expiration date, but no font lasts forever.”


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