Futures Flat Ahead Of Powell, Biden Doubleheader

For the third day in a row, US equity futures were broadly flat, with the emini trading virtually unchanged from where it was this time on Monday and Tuesday as traders hunkered down ahead of today’s main event: the FOMC announcement at 2pm where Fed Chair Jerome Powell is expected to reaffirm that easy monetary policy will remain in place for a prolonged period and dismiss any suggestions of tapering bond purchases.

S&P 500 e-mini stock futures rose 0.09%. or 5 points, while Dow Jones futures were down 31 points ot 0.09% and the Nasdaq was down 7.75 or -0.06% as investors digested a mixed bag of earnings from Tesla, 3M, Microsoft and Google overnight, with tech heavyweights Apple, Facebook and Amazon due to report in the next 48 hours.

“We expect the Fed’s tone on the economy to be more positive than at the March FOMC meeting, reflecting the ongoing pickup in the data, but we don’t expect any substantive new signal yet on tapering,” TD Securities analysts wrote. “While we do not expect much price action due to the Fed decision, Biden’s remarks could continue to suggest more incoming supply, bear steepening the (Treasury yield) curve.”

Joe Biden will also address a joint session of Congress, where he will make additional comments about infrastructure and stimulus spending. These developments would normally be a positive for stocks, but analysts say so much economic optimism is already priced into the equity market that it is difficult to buy stocks further from current levels.


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