Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic opens a leading edge medical center

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader, headed this Tuesday the inauguration and ribbon cutting of the Diabetes, Obesity and Specialties Medical Center (CEMDOE), located in the San Gerónimo sector of Herrera, Santo Domingo.

The center is fully digitalized and protocolized and occupies a construction area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, where it currently houses 42 offices with 24 specialties. Additionally, it has recreation areas, more than 250 parking spaces and offers jobs to more than 400 professionals.

Among the medical specialties, the Diabetic Foot Unit and the Hemodialysis and Nephrology Unit stand out, the first directed by Dr. Pedro Mena, it is one of the most innovative diabetic foot units in the country and its vision is to achieve zero amputations in patients and the second, focused on the promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases, chaired by a multidisciplinary medical team.

The health facility belongs to the INTEGRA health ecosystem, a group of companies that come together with the aim of contributing to the transformation of the health system in a sustainable and sustainable way, placing the well-being of the patient at the center of each of the decisions.


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