This grocery shopping site lets you filter online retailers by your values

Galen Karlan-Mason grew up in Vermont with his own backyard garden and solar panels, and he did food shopping at the local co-op and farmers market. He felt connected to his food choices, and his parents had instilled in him the idea that his everyday choices are “mini votes for the world we want to live in.” But as a grad student, he found that grocery shopping became an arduous task: Trying to buy items within the parameters of both his food allergies and his values, Karlan-Mason would end up spending so much time standing in the aisle, researching every product on the shelf.

“I would always leave feeling like I compromised on something,” he says. That experience spurred him to start GreenChoice, an online market that allows users to filter items by their diet—whether vegan, gluten-free, low-sodium, or an array of allergies—and by their values, such as organic, low carbon footprint, or even no palm oil.


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