Jamaica: 6-year-old boy among several injured in separate shootings in Kingston

There was an explosion of shootings on Sunday in the Corporate Area, among them a quadruple shooting on Lincoln Avenue and an incident where a six year-old boy was shot and injured.

The six-year-old was shot and injured on Dumfries Street on Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of Denham Town. Details are sketchy on what led to the boy being shot, but the Denham Town police are investigating. 

There was also a quadruple shooting about 5 pm on Lincoln Avenue. The victims are a 24 year-old man and a 38 year-old male, both from Lincoln Avenue, as well as a 55-year-old woman and a young unidentified male, both from Antrony Road.  

Police reports are that a white motor car pulled up on Lincoln Avenue and opened fire, shooting four persons. No one died in the incident, and details are still emerging as the police conduct their investigations. 


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