How to get more confident speaking up in meetings

Group meetings can be intimidating. Lots of people, often at different levels of the organization, are sitting in one place throwing out ideas. Meetings are an opportunity to have an impact on ideas in development, but they are also a place where you can display your ignorance in front of a large group. If you’re new in an organization or an introvert who doesn’t like that spotlight, it can be easier to fade into the background and look to have your impact elsewhere.

But there are real advantages to speaking up. For one thing, you are much more likely to have an influence on ongoing events if you get involved in conversations than if you hold your opinions to yourself. For another, the comments you make may spur new ideas in your colleagues that can make good projects even better. Finally, your participation in meetings gives other people in the organization a chance to get to know the way you think, which may lead them to engage you in new opportunities in the future.

If you’re having trouble mustering the courage to say something, you can prepare yourself to do it successfully:


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