Goldman Reveals Its Favorite “Crypto-Exposed” Stocks

Wall Street’s infatuation with cryptos is shifting from a sordid and steamy love affair to full-blown full regalia wedding ceremony on the Caymans, which is understandable in a world where there is no fundamental analysis involved in picking stonks and so one can just as well make the “selection” of risky asset into an enjoyable gamble and with countless cryptos still soaring triple digits any given day, the retail public is increasingly gravitating toward the digital currencies which come embedded with the promise of overnight riches.

It is therefore hardly a coincidence that after years of furiously bashing bitcoin (remember when Jamie Dimon warned his employees they would be fired if they bought bitcoin?) JPM finally admitted what we said all along – that its almost daily hitpieces had one intention only: to convince its own clients to sell tokens to its own prop desk.


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