Suriname: Services CBB adjusted

The services at the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB) have been adjusted after the announcement of the stricter measures yesterday. The CBB is one of the busiest government offices. By adjusting the service, a contribution will also be made to get fewer people on their feet, says director Anastatia Kanapé-Pokie.

In conversation with Suriname Herald, Kanapé-Pokie says that the number of COVID infections at the CBB is not alarming. Once the stricter measures have been announced, the staff has been divided into two working groups and this method applies to all departments.

Agreements have been made with the various departments to immediately report COVID-19 infected cases. There is also a form to be filled in for the Public Health Office (BOG) to track individuals in case positive cases are identified.

“I am not an expert on COVID-19 and we therefore rely on the compass of the BOG and our COVID-19 management team. The BOG indicates who must be quarantined and we do not determine that ourselves, ”Kanapé-Pokie says. The departments where contamination cases occur are immediately closed in coordination with the COVID-19 management team and BOG.


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