Guyana: Chief Justice dismisses APNU+AFC elections petition

Chief Justice (acting) Roxane George today threw out a petition brought by APNU+AFC challenging the results of the March 2nd 2020 general elections.

She found that the recount order and section 22 of the election laws act did not contravene the constitution.

The petition came up on April 7th  for arguments, during which Senior Counsel John Jeremie on behalf of the petitioners advanced that Section 22 of the Election Laws Amendment Act (ELAA) by which the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) created Order 60 for the recount of votes from the March 2nd, polls was unlawful.

His advancements were, however, met with objections from attorneys for the respondents who, in rebutting his submissions, said that the Commission was in fact empowered by the very Act, to resolve the difficulties with which it had been confronted.

Jeremie’s argument on behalf of petitioners Claudette Thorne and Heston Bostwick, was that Order 60 was “bad” in law because it was brought into force by an unlawful piece of legislation—Section 22 of the ELAA.


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