Suriname: Nameplate and logo of the Ministry of Land Policy and Forest Management unveiled

The Ministry of Spatial Planning, Land and Forest Management (RGB) has undergone a name change when the current government took office. The department was renamed Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB). The new nameplate and logo were unveiled yesterday by Minister Diana Pokie. The minister clarifies that the ministry is not only concerned with land matters. The new logo therefore symbolizes GBB’s tasks and responsibilities.

Minister Pokie, together with her management and staff, wants a breath of fresh air to blow within the ministry. She believes that with the new nameplate and logo, the department is better suited to serve people. Since she took office, the main focus has been on the reorganization of the Domain Office.

Efforts have been made to simplify matters through shortened procedures. The Soil Inspection department has moved to the former Taxation Institute on Maystraat. There is now a collaboration between the Soil Inspection and the Surveying Department, which means that more field surveys can be carried out. With the reports produced by these departments, matters can also be handled better.


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