Suriname: Waterkant is made more attractive to tourists

De Waterkant must be made more attractive for both tourists and the population. To do this, a total amount of US $ 5 million is needed, says director of the Culture Directorate, Roseline Daan. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is funding this project. In the coming months, talks will be held with various actors in order to properly implement this project.

Not only the owners of the various food stands, but also the crafters and other stakeholders will have to come up with ideas about how the Waterkant can be made more beautiful and attractive. Natasja Deul, project manager of the Paramaribo Urban Rehabilitation Program (PURP), says that the PURP has started executing projects in Suriname from 2017.

The projects being carried out are to beautify and restore monumental buildings in the country. This project not only looks at the beautification of the Waterkant, but also at the safety and the problem of the homeless in the city center.

From next week to August, talks will be held with the various stakeholders to find out what their expectations are for the new Waterkant. This project will restore the monumental buildings to their former glory and also make them more attractive to visitors. In order to attract people, a beautiful view from the Suriname River will be developed from arrival, in order to keep the attention of the tourists.


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