Suriname: Mentally disturbed man severely abused

30-year-old Quincy F. was arrested by the police of the Moengo office on April 16 for aggravated assault on a mentally disturbed young man. The mentally ill young man struck Quincy that day. Quincy went to the police at the Moengo station and complained about what the mentally ill man had done, namely that he had beaten him in the street.

After his complaint, Quincy left the police station and saw the young man in question near the Lijnweg. He took a piece of wood and hit the mentally disturbed man on the head with it. The man was so injured that he was admitted to hospital for nursing.

After his act, Quincy reported to the local police and was arrested. He didn’t mean to injure the man.

He only wanted to talk to him about his behavior, but things got out of hand. After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, Quincy was put in custody by the police.


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