Trinidad & Tobago: Broken arm for newborn …Mom wants answers

An investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding how the right arm of a newborn baby boy was fractured after a C-section was performed at Scarborough General Hospital in Tobago last Friday.

Jasinda Benjamin, of Grange, Tobago, told the Express that after she gave birth, t around 1.32 p.m., it was more than an hour before she could see her baby.

“The nurse took him for an x-ray, came back and said his arm was fractured. I was asking how it was fractured and these things and she said she would have to find out,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin’s aunt visited the hospital and questioned doctors, who said they were still trying to find out how the fracture occurred.

“So my aunt came up and she was speaking to the doctor…she was asking about what happened. The doctor said they were still doing an investigation. They supposed to see if the arm is dislocated in his shoulder or elbow,” she said.

With the baby’s arm now in a cast, Benjamin was told she would have to revisit the hospital in two to three weeks for a check-up.


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