Suriname: Saya: “No human trafficking or human smuggling”

There is no human trafficking or human smuggling as regards Haitians coming to Suriname. The Haitians come to Suriname as tourists. This made Jean Mixon better known as Saya, chairman of the Team Haiti Foundation, who is also an entrepreneur, during a press conference yesterday. He explained that they travel with a valid visa. “The Haitians are coming legally and illegally,” said Saya

He thought it necessary to convene a press conference to discuss the issue of the Haitians who are traveling to Suriname in large numbers. Saya believes that wrong information is being provided to society by the government. According to him, the information recently provided by the immigration service and the government is incorrect in the case where eighty to ninety Haitians traveled to Suriname.

“The government talks about human trafficking and I don’t think that’s right,” he emphasized. He indicated that as chairman of the Team Haiti foundation, he is not paid to bring people to Suriname. People are also not asked to pay. “People give me some money out of goodwill, but it’s not payment,” he clarified.

According to him he responds to the needs of the people. When they want to come to Suriname they only have to pay the costs involved. Sometimes they don’t pay anything. The cost is between US $ 300 and US $ 400 to help the Haitians bring their children or another family member here, Saya explained.

Haiti belongs to a blue area, according to Saya, and to enter a Caricom country, the people do not need a visa. He also believes that Haitians are being cast in a bad light for nothing. Haitians come to Suriname to work and not to steal or rob. Some of the Haitians may not want to return to their country and continue to live here. To do so, they apply for a residence permit.


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