Suriname: President Santokhi informed about follow-up NRA report

President Chan Santokhi has been informed about the follow-up to the National Risk Assessment (NRA) report. After this document was presented to the head of state last month, March 9, 2021, it was reviewed with experts on April 19. These experts will further elaborate the document in a timeline and matrix with actions and measures to be taken.

In addition, the national and international community will be informed about this report and the steps to be taken by the government. In a follow-up meeting on April 30, the government will consult with all stakeholders to implement the recommendations. This is necessary so that Suriname can undergo a proper fourth round evaluation.

Nailah van Dijk, one of the experts, indicates that the head of state has been indicated what the next steps will be on the way to the mutual evaluations. The lawyer emphasizes that the short and long term steps to be taken now have been presented to the President, the Steering Council and other authorities.

The Steering Council was initiated in 2013 on the recommendation of the Caribbean Action Taskforce. This focuses on policy issues related to anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. Initially, the Steering Council was managed by the Ministry of Finance.


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