Bahamas: PAY IT FORWARD: Fyre Festival vendor received $200K but donated more than half

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Maryann Rolle, 67, the owner of the Exuma Point Bar and Grille, said of the more than $200,000 she and her husband, Elvin, have received through donations after the infamous Fyre Festival event on Exuma nearly four years ago, the couple has given away more than half to help those in need.

“I always see the positive and I always say in all my interviews I feel if there is any heart in those people bodies, they will try to settle us or try to settle some of the vendors,” she said.

“I can speak for myself; as hard I worked — and they literally saw me work day and night on my feet — I feel they have to try, and I still know I will be paid because they know how hard I worked.

“They must pay me and I know the rest of the vendors worked extremely hard, too.

“I realize the deal went sore, on whose side I don’t know. But I feel good that they’re trying to reach some settlement. People worked so very hard.”


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