Suriname: Parents do not look after children in detention

Parents whose children are taken care of in the Youth Transit Center in Opa Doeli or in the Youth Coordination Center (JCC) do not look after their children. They experience the care of their children as a relief, because they often can no longer cope with them, says JCC coordinator, Daniëlle Beeldsnijder, in conversation with Suriname Herald.

“We have experienced how parents can no longer cope with their children, which leads to juveniles committing criminal offenses. They end up with us in detention, ”says Beeldsnijder. Parents feel this helps because their child is being cared for somewhere. The parents also stay away and leave the care and upbringing entirely to the institute where the children reside; in the Opa Doeli center or in JCC.

Beeldsnijder further explains that there are no laws and regulations that force parents to contribute to the care of their child. As a result, some parents do not pay attention to their child. This is often the reason why most of these juveniles return to judicial circuits after their detention, despite the good guidance that is offered when they are in the usually center.


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