Suriname: Market management advises partial opening of the market

The leadership of the Central and Peaceful Market has proposed that the market be partially opened up. Market master Gautam Dhanai says the COVID-19 management team focused on the market last Friday. Solution proposals have been made from the market leadership. The partial opening of the market then involves the ring portion from the entrance to the exit gate.

If this section is opened, market master Dhanai believes that a reasonable group can be accommodated. He mentions the wholesalers, fish and meat sellers and the group of market vendors that now stands in the street in front of the market. These proposals are contained in a report, which will be sent to Health Minister Amar Ramadhin. Consultations will also take place with the minister about opening the upper part of the market.

Market master Dhanai points out that not all market vendors are out on the street. Peddlers selling clothes and peddlers are at home and lack income. A solution must also be found for them. Although the market had been using protocols it had developed and approved by the ministry for some time, Gautam says it is looking forward to any other protocols from the ministry. He would also like to see the Public Health Bureau (BOG) and government officials scrutinized people who sell fish and meat on the street.

The market manager respects the measures taken by the authorities and emphasizes that these are intended to suppress further spread of the virus. He calls on market vendors to also get vaccinated.

The authorities recently decided to keep the markets closed to prevent further contamination with the COVID-19 virus. The vendors have been instructed to sell their goods along the street. The market master, district commissioner Ricardo Bhola and the COVID-19 management team are currently working on a solution.


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